There are many different canine illnesses that can affect your pet.  There are things you can do as a dog owner to prevent many of these conditions or at least keep them from getting worse.  That’s where this website comes in.  Here you will learn about causes, symptoms, and treatments of common dog diseases.

If you’ve had your canine for a while, you should certainly know his habits.  It’s always important to pay attention to any changes in your dog.  This gives you the chance to detect any problems early and get them taken care of.

When your dog is sick, it’s common for him to change his behavioral or feeding habits.  He may also bark less or more than usual or change his urinating posture.  There are also many signs that you should know about.

Many common dog diseases cause signs like diarrhea, constipation, and vomiting.  Most dogs will experience one of these conditions periodically for some reason, however recurring episodes are a problem that needs to be looked at.

Certain canine illnesses can cause your dog to  have trouble breathing or have white or pale gums.  It’s also a good idea for you to inspect your dog’s stool every once in a while.  Parasites can sometimes be detected in feces.  The stool may also be too loose or off-colored and give you an indication that there’s something wrong with your canine.

This website is no replacement for a vet visit.  It exists so that you can educate yourself on common dog diseases.  Everyone wants their pet to stay healthy, but this can’t always be the case. Learning the signs of various dog health problems will give him the best chance possible.