Dog Shock Collars – Are They Humane to Use?

It’s pretty easy to get anyone’s attention if you deliver a shock to them. Dog shock collars are being used effectively by some owners, while others decry their use as inhumane. It seems like this debate will never end.

dog shock collars

First, it should be stated that there are various reasons for using one of these collars on your dog. If you have an invisible fence along the perimeter of your yard, then you’ll obviously need one to keep your dog inside the boundaries. However, they’re commonly used to correct unwanted behaviors such as aggression or excessive barking.

There are good and bad things about using dog shock collars. They can be quite effective when used properly, but very harmful when used improperly. Most collars give you the ability to control the correction. It’s important to use enough force to get your dog to understand, but you have to be careful not to use too much.

Using too much force with dog shock collars will cause you to have a very stressful dog. He may even become more aggressive or even worse, fearful of you. Using one of these collars incorrectly can harm or even destroy the bond between you and your pet.

If you’re trying to train your dog, it’s vital that you understand that timing is of the utmost importance. Dog shock collars that are set to correct your canine automatically if he starts barking or doing something else may not be the best choice since they may not issue the correction in a timely manner.

Collars that are tied to an invisible fence aren’t 100% effective either. Over time, your dog may get used to the shock. If this happens, he’ll be willing to endure a little pain in order to make his escape. You certainly don’t want that to happen as he can cause harm to other people or even get injured himself.

If you’re intent on using dog shock collars, make sure that you do so safely. Definitely don’t use it as a method to abuse your dog whenever he does something wrong. If used in conjunction with a fence, make sure that you’re aware it’s still possible for your canine friend to escape his invisible boundaries.

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