The Benefits of Brushing Your Dog’s Coat Regularly

One of the various grooming tasks that dog owners have to complete is brushing the coat. The specific breed you have will determine how often this should be done. It’s important not to ignore this grooming task. Here are some of the benefits of brushing your dog’s coat regularly as well as a few tips.

Brushing Your Dog

Preventing matted and tangled hair is one of the main benefits of brushing your dog’s coat regularly. Obviously, breeds with longer hair are more subject to these tangles. You don’t want to allow the hair to stay tangled since it can harbor fungi, fleas, and ticks. It will also irritate the skin and make your dog quite uncomfortable. Infections could easily develop also.

If you do have to deal with matted and tangled hair at some point, then you’ll need to deal with it properly. Failing to do so could injure your dog. There are conditioners and sprays designed to help loosen up the hair. After application, you should let it rest there for a few minutes before attempting to untangle the hair. Using a wide-toothed comb will definitely make things easier.

If you find it impossible to get rid of the tangle, then you may have to remove it by cutting it our. Be extra careful not to cut your dog’s skin. A professional dog groomer may need to be called upon if you can’t do it properly yourself.

Canines with longer hair also typically shed a lot. This especially happens during the spring and fall. The more you brush away the dead hair, the less you’ll have to remove from your furniture, carpet, and other places.

Physical changes affecting your dog’s coat can point to various dog health problems. After you’ve been brushing your dog for a while, you will know what normal looks like. This will give you the opportunity to monitor things and seek help if you think that something is wrong. Things to look out for include discolored hair or skin as well as bumps on the skin. Use the brushing time to also look over the rest of your dog for problems.

Not all dogs particularly enjoy being brush as mentioned earlier. If yours is like this, then you’ll need to get him used to it slowly and gently. If you don’t brush properly or deal with tangles properly, the pain experienced to your dog will make him enjoy it even less. Have a few treats around for when things go well.

Obviously, there are all sorts of breeds with varied types of hair and patterns. No matter what type, you’ll want to brush the hair in the direction that it grows naturally. Start at the skin and brush outwards, not the other way around.

We all want to spend as much time with our dogs as possible. While taking care of this necessary task, you get to spend time with yours. As you can see, there are tons of benefits of brushing your dog’s coat on a regular basis. Be affectionate and offer rewards and treats to make the experience as pleasant as possible for your dog.

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