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Canine Uveitis

The part of the eye responsible for supplying blood is the uvea. Uveitis in dogs is a condition that occurs when either the front or back of the uvea becomes inflamed. This will cause a buildup of proteins and the eye will start becoming cloudy. Canine uveitis has many different causes. Trauma directly to the eye is one of the

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Canine Ear Mites

There are different species of mites that can infest dogs. Those that inhabit the ear canals are some of the most common. Canine ear mites, creatures that look like tiny crabs, are highly contagious. If one dog in the household has them, then chances are any other will soon be affected. Stray animals can harbor ear mites. If your pet

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Canine Incontinence

Canine incontinence refers to your dog being unable to control their urine output. It will leak against their control. Some owners think their dogs are doing it because of improper housetraining or other behavioral issues, so they may not think that anything is wrong. Incontinence in dogs can be the result of an infection of the bladder or some other

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