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Canine Hypercalcemia

Canine hypercalcemia is a condition that develops when there is too much calcium in your dog’s bloodstream. If the level of calcium isn’t reduced in a timely manner, then serious health problems can result. At the very least, your dog will very likely become dehydration which in itself can be deadly. Many dogs who suffer from this condition do so

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Canine Ear Infections

Canine ear infections occur whenever the outer or external ear canal becomes inflamed. It is usually caused by other conditions. If the infection isn’t treated, your dog will suffer from chronic pain and will likely experience hearing loss to some degree eventually. There are certain types of dogs that have an increased risk of experiencing ear infections. Dogs with narrow

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Canine Anemia

Anemia in dogs results when there are too few red blood cells circulating in the bloodstream. Red blood cells are responsible for transporting oxygen. Therefore, canine anemia can be a serious condition. It is typically brought on by various diseases or other factors. Dogs can suffer from different types of anemia. Some develop the condition because although their bone marrow

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Canine Lupus

Canine lupus is an autoimmune very similar to the condition that affects humans. Both conditions will cause the body to attack the internal organs, thinking that they are foreign objects that need to be eradicated. This condition can easily be fatal to your dog, but fortunately it’s a relatively rare disease. There are various types of lupus in dogs. Including

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Canine Kidney Stones

Kidney stones in dogs aren’t very common. Whenever they do form though, they cause a potentially very serious medical condition to develop. Dogs that are smaller, castrated, or obese have a higher risk of developing canine kidney stones. You should know that there are various minerals that are naturally found in your dog’s body. They include magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and

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