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Canine Parainfluenza

There are plenty of respiratory diseases that can affect dogs, caused by both viruses and bacteria. Canine parainfluenza is a viral disease. Another not usually a life-threatening illness, most dogs are vaccinated against it anyway. It is very common for people to confuse parainfluenza with the canine influenza virus. They are both respiratory diseases that cause similar symptoms. However, they

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Canine Influenza

Dogs can experience symptoms of kennel cough for various reasons. One of them is the canine influenza virus. Most diseases have been around for quite a while. This allows for vaccinations to be made and for dogs to build up a natural immunity. This particular virus however has just emerged in recent years. Dogs have no immunity or vaccination to

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Canine Pneumonia

Pneumonia in dogs occurs whenever the lungs and bronchi, the tubes responsible for transporting air into the lungs, become infected and inflamed. Canine pneumonia is fatal if left untreated. Adult dogs in relatively good health are usually not affected. Instead, pneumonia usually affects younger or older dogs who have a weakened immune system. The immune system can be weakened for

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