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Canine Viral Papillomas

Papillomas are skin growths that are commonly called warts. These growths are caused by an infection of the canine papilloma virus and can appear in a variety of places on your dog’s body especially the face. Sometimes, they will also start growing between the toes. The virus that causes papillomas in dogs can be spread to your pet if he

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Canine Melanoma

Canine melanoma is a type of cancer characterized by the formation of dark lesions. These lesions can be either malignant or benign and can occur virtually anywhere on your dog’s body. However, they typically occur on the skin, toes, or in the mouth. Melanomas that occur on the skin usually are benign. Those that are found in the eyes, toes,

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Canine Hot Spots

Canine hot spots are commonly referred to as moist dermatitis. Whatever it’s called, the condition is characterized by a growing area of skin inflammation. An infection in the area can occur superficially on the skin or deep within. These areas of skin inflammation can be caused by biting, licking, or scratching an area too much. Dogs are often prompted to

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Canine Ringworm

Canine ringworm is a very contagious disorder of the skin. Many owners think that it infection is caused because of a worm because of its name, but it is really a fungal infection. The fungus lives deep inside the hair follicles and causes the hair shafts to break off eventually. After being exposed to the fungus, dogs typically show signs

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