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Canine Parainfluenza

There are plenty of respiratory diseases that can affect dogs, caused by both viruses and bacteria. Canine parainfluenza is a viral disease. Another not usually a life-threatening illness, most dogs are vaccinated against it anyway. It is very common for people to confuse parainfluenza with the canine influenza virus. They are both respiratory diseases that cause similar symptoms. However, they

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Canine Viral Papillomas

Papillomas are skin growths that are commonly called warts. These growths are caused by an infection of the canine papilloma virus and can appear in a variety of places on your dog’s body especially the face. Sometimes, they will also start growing between the toes. The virus that causes papillomas in dogs can be spread to your pet if he

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Canine Influenza

Dogs can experience symptoms of kennel cough for various reasons. One of them is the canine influenza virus. Most diseases have been around for quite a while. This allows for vaccinations to be made and for dogs to build up a natural immunity. This particular virus however has just emerged in recent years. Dogs have no immunity or vaccination to

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Canine Rabies

Most people have at least a little bit of knowledge regarding rabies. Canine rabies is a very serious condition that is fatal to virtually all dogs that contract it. It is important to get your pet vaccinated because he can easily contract the disease if he comes across a rabid animal in the wild. In fact, vaccination is required by

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Canine Herpes Virus

When it comes to the canine herpes virus, dogs can walk around for a long period of time without displaying any signs of being sick at all. The condition acts much like herpes that occurs in humans. However, puppies that contract the virus can very easily get sick and die. Most puppies that contract the virus are infected by their

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