Tips for Handling Your Female Dog in Heat

If you haven’t had your female dog spayed, then she will go into heat every six months or so. It typically lasts a period of 18 to 24 days. This can make for a very difficult time for everyone else around.

Female Dog in Heat

Dogs will wander about restlessly over these few weeks, making all sorts of noise. If there are other pets in the household, then things can especially get difficult. Female dogs in heat are easily agitated, and can become aggressive towards other animals. One option if it’s possible for you is to keep your dog away from others.

If you keep your dog inside, be aware for the physical side effects of your female in heat. It’s possible there will be a bloody discharge. Not only can this leave a difficult mess to cleanup, but it may also have a pungent smell. Be careful if you have a new carpet. You could consider investing in a pair of dog pants of diapers to help avoid problems. Those who have a garage of basement could consider keeping their dog there also.

Owners that keep their canines outside should be aware that she’ll be releasing pheromones. This will attract other males in the vicinity. These males have been known to do whatever it takes to reach their destination, even if there’s a fence between them. Just be wary. Having your dog wear a pair of those aforementioned diapers of pants may help mask the smell and keep others away.

Many owners consider their dogs to be very well-trained. They’re trained well enough to go on their walks without being leashed. Be aware that female dogs in heat may lose all sense of their training if a male comes by. Keep them on a leash during this time.

Spending time with your dog during this time can be quite helpful. It may be a good idea to avoid strenuous activities however. Giving them more affectionate attention such as massages may help.

If you have your dog participate in certain events, you may want to consider sitting them out while your dog is in heat. As mentioned earlier, females in heat produce a distinct smell that’s easily picked up by males. They may have a hard time maintaining their focus, no matter how well they’ve been trained.

Not everyone approves of spaying and neutering dogs. However, there is a big benefit in having it done. Not only does it help prevent unwanted pregnancies, but it also helps prevent unwanted behaviors associated with the condition.

Handling a female dog in heat doesn’t have to present a difficult problem. Take steps to avoid messy accidents and keep unwanted males from hounding around if your dog is outside. Give them plenty of attention also!

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