Ideas for Indoor Dog Exercise

It is very important that your dog gets the right amount of exercise. Dogs that aren’t well-exercised may stay up at night because they aren’t tired enough to sleep. They may also exhibit other behavioral problems such as digging or chewing.

Indoor Dog Exercise

It isn’t always possible to take your canine outside for exercise. This doesn’t mean there’s nothing that you can do though. The following are a few ideas for indoor dog exercise.


It may sound crazy, but you can buy your dog a treadmill. They’re designed specifically for pets. Make sure that you get your dog acclimated to the machine when first starting out. Start out slowly and let him work up to the higher speeds.


Fetch is one of the most timeless traditions between dog and owner. Just because there may be inclement weather outside doesn’t mean that you can’t play indoors and get a little exercise for your canine. Obviously, you’ll need to clear enough space so your dog doesn’t get hurt by bumping into obstacles.


Playing hide-and-seek is another way to get your dog a bit of exercise when stuck indoors for some reason. Hiding your dog’s favorite treats all around the house is a good way to stimulate his sense of smell as well. Consider hiding yourself too and letting your dog find you.


If you have a flight of stairs in your home, then you can use them for indoor dog exercise. Going up and down a few times will really get your canine’s heart pumping. To get your dog to go up and down, throw a toy down, then call him back once he has retrieved that.


Yet another option if you’re looking for something to do with your dog is to go to training class. There are all sorts of varieties that you can try such as basic training, swimming, and even agility. Since there will be other canines in these classes, it’s a good way to provide socialization for your dog too.


If you have the know-how, then you can train your dog yourself as a form of indoor dog exercise. There are always new things for your dog to learn. You can go over basic training principles, or even teach him a new trick.


Your dog may even enjoy a simple outing on a rainy day. Don’t punish him by using the time for a vet visit. Go to your local pet-store, which is pet-friendly of course, and let him get a few new toys.


Speaking of toys, it’s always important to ensure your dog has enough toys to stave off boredom. They are particularly useful when it comes to exercising indoors. Don’t forget toys that provide mental stimulation as well. For example, the puzzles that dispense treats upon being solved are perfect.

Always keep in mind how important it is for your dog to get an adequate amount of physical activity. With these useful ideas for indoor dog exercise, you’ll never have a good excuse not to provide him with it.

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