Preventing Dog on Dog Aggression in the Same Household

Owners with multiple dogs may not always enjoy having a big, happy family all the time. Much like kids can constantly quarrel with each other, dogs can act much the same way. Canines bred for protection of fighting may have a higher disposition for in-fighting, but any dog breed can get into fights with members of the pack.

Dog on Dog Aggression

If your dogs haven’t been properly trained or socialized, then chances of them fighting will increase. If you’re witnessing to much dog on dog aggression in your household, then these tips will help decrease it.

First and foremost, you should understand the importance of teaching your dogs to obey simple commands. Some of the most important commands to have them learn include come, down, sit, etc. Having them obey these commands before they get something such as food will help them obey them more effectively.

It is also vital that owners realize that there should be a clear-cut hierarchy established in the household. One of the most common reasons for two dogs fighting each other is become one of them is trying to become the dominant one. This commonly occurs whenever the owner gives both canines equal and mutual treatment.

To avoid this problem, one of the dogs clearly needs to be established as the dominant one. He should be granted all of the special privileges associated with being the dominant dog too. This means being taken out on walks first, being fed first, and also given attention to first. Don’t worry about the other dog feeling left bad. He will actually feel more comfortable once a proper order of things has been established.

So, how are you supposed to choose which dog is the dominant one to prevent dog aggression? This is entirely up to you. One easy way is to choose the dog that’s been in the home the longest. Or, you can choose the dog that’s older. Younger canines have been known to start fights quicker with their older counterparts. However, you can also make the dominant dog the one that’s biggest, strongest, and most energetic.

Fighting over resources such as food is a very common thing. Issues can occur if they’re eating near each other and one canine feels the need to guard his resources. As mentioned earlier, you should feed one dog first. You may also want to consider separating the eating areas a bit so they’re not so close together.

Although food is certainly one of the most important resources, it’s not the only thing that can give rise to problems. Dogs can fight over other things such as their favorite chew toy or other item. They may also be protective of their favorite spot on the floor or couch.

Dogs that aren’t in the best of health may develop a change in their behavior. This is commonly an issue with older dogs that are developing conditions such as dog arthritis. Dogs tend to hide their health problems effectively though, so owners may not always detect a problem. Dogs in pain may not want other canines to be around them as often, especially if their companion is too energetic and may unwittingly cause them more pain. This may lead owners to think that the fighting is for no reason at all.

Having a negative association with the other canine can also lead to dog on dog aggression in the household. One way to help defeat this issue is to turn the negative association into a positive one. Simply get a couple of shirts you no longer need. Rub one on each dog then put it into the other’s eating or sleeping quarters. Having the scent around in these places will help form a positive association.

Owners that are around to witness their dogs fighting need to be careful. Of course, you’ll be tempted to break it up to prevent a trip to the vet’s office. The first thing to try is issuing loud verbal commands to stop. After a few unsuccessful tries, then stop with the yelling. The dogs likely believe the loud noise is simply more encouragement to continue battling.

You may be tempted to intervene if that doesn’t work. Just be careful that you don’t get accidentally bitten. There are various items that you can use to keep yourself from getting physically harmed. Having a ultrasonic device or whistle lying around may help. A spray bottle of water may also come in handy. If you’re going to physically intervene, then use some sofa cushions or something.

Having your dogs fighting each other is definitely no good. If two of your dogs are fighting, then they may have a perfectly reasonable reason in their minds for doing so. Following these tips will help minimize any acts of dog on dog aggression in your household though.

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