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Canine Tapeworms

Canine tapeworms are parasites that take up residence in your dog’s small intestine. They get their name because they closely resemble strips of tape with their thin and flat appearance. Although a single worm can measure up to six inches in length, it is made up of small segments that are no larger than a grain of rice. Tapeworms in

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Canine Colitis

Inflammation of your dog’s colon is a condition known as canine colitis. The underlying cause is usually irritable bowel syndrome. Although it can’t exactly be cured, it can be effectively managed so your dog can experience a good quality of life. You should know that certain dog breeds are predisposed to developing colitis in canines. One of the most common

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Canine Constipation

It is perfectly normal for your dog to become constipated every so often. However, frequent constipation can be a sign that there is something else wrong with your dog. Just like in humans, canine constipation can be a very uncomfortable condition. There are various things that can cause constipation in dogs. One of the most common reasons is a lack

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